Stoney Point to expand with 130 new houses

Stoney Point to expand with 130 new houses

Sep 2, 2021

Stoney Point is getting 130 new homes as the luxury community expands to about 370 houses around its iconic golf course.

Jim Medford, chairman of The Links at Stoney Point and Hole 19 Properties, said the expansion will be broken into phases. He said he hopes the new houses will accommodate businesses and industries looking to bring more people into Greenwood to fill existing jobs in the community.

Medford and wife, Denise, bought the golf course after the 2008 financial crisis, and recently acquired the remainder of the land originally designated for home sites for the pre-planned development.

The first phase of of this expansion will build 33 houses in an area of Stoney Point called Champion Green. Some construction has started there, and the lots are already platted and approved, Medford said. The builder hopes to finish four model homes by the end of the year, then continue building spec houses while working with buyers to select and tweak those model designs.

Simultaneously, Medford said planning and infrastructure work will start on another stretch of land on the opposite end of Stoney Point. Another area of one-story all-brick duplexes will go up in an area intended to offer residents housing options that include the cost of yard and building maintenance.

The area these duplexes are going into still needs a road and cul-de-sac built, along with utilities planning, but Medford said the land planning is already complete. He’ll present 3D renderings of the completed community to residents on Sept. 13, to show people what Stoney Point will look like after this construction.

Stoney Point was originally planned to have about 400 homes built, and Medford said the community currently has about 200 houses. He said the plans are to keep the area about 70 houses short of the original 400 mark.

“Denise and I both live here in Stoney Point, so what we’re doing here is not just about adding to it, it’s about enhancing,” he said.

He said this expansion will also come with walking trails, boat storage, a dog park and other additions to the community. A third area — the hay fields near the front of Stoney Point — is also up for development, but Medford said they have to first secure the permits for that work, and prepare the needed utility and infrastructure work.

He hopes to have preplanning done by the end of 2021 so construction of the duplexes can start early 2022. Medford said he expects the first two building projects to be done by summer 2022, with about 60 homes built by this time next year.