Adopt-A-Highway Stoney Point Cleans Up Mounds of Trash

Adopt-A-Highway Stoney Point Cleans Up Mounds of Trash
38 Volunteers Clean Up Litter Along State Roads Leading to Stoney Point

Stoney Point is so blessed to have so many wonderful volunteers who care about this community and pitch in to help!   

Thanks to the 38 awesome folks who came out on Saturday morning for some fun and camaraderie as we picked up trash along Willard Road and Stoney Point Road.  We collected a whopping mountain of 45 bags of trash (plus a mattress and box spring, pipes, conduit, wood and other various and sundry interesting items). 

 The first group of folks went out at 9:30; the last group came in at 10:30.  Amazing what we got accomplished in that short hour with so many helping hands.   A special thanks to Al Meadors and Bob Propester who drove us all safely to our picking destination and returned us to home base. 

All families who participated received a Chick-Fil-A gift certificate and thanks to Irene (Martha Stewart) Bjerke, we had muffins, hot chocolate and coffee.

Mark your calendars for another round of picker upper fun on Saturday, April 30.